Lucy Kweskin

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Lucy Kweskin

Mayer Brown, New York

LUCY is a partner in Mayer Brown’s New York office and a member of its Global Restructuring practice. She has substantial experience representing both borrower-side and lender-side clients in all phases of corporate restructurings, including chapter 11 plans, section 363 sales, out-of-court restructurings, and foreclosures. She frequently litigates bankruptcy-related disputes concerning valuations, make-whole claims, intercreditor issues, fraudulent transfers, recharacterization, veil-piercing and breaches of fiduciary duty. In addition, she is a lecturer of law at Columbia Law School, where she teaches Advanced Bankruptcy: Deals and Issues in the Current Environment.

Lucy didn’t expect to be a restructuring lawyer or even to practice as a lawyer. Instead, she had expected to spend her career in financial services: Her first job was at Deutsche Bank structuring CDOs comprised of residential mortgage-backed securities. When the CDO market crashed during 2008 and the financial crisis took hold, she detoured to law school. Given the uptick in bankruptcies and her finance background, she landed an internship with Hon. Robert E. Gerber of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, who presided over General Motors’ chapter 11 cases.

Lucy is a staunch proponent of diversity and promoting women throughout the industry, and she regularly mentors younger women at her firm. Outside of her practice, she served as an honorary co-chair for the Her Justice 2022 Annual Photography Auction and Benefit, which raised a record-breaking $3.25 million. She is also a member of the UJA Federation NextGen Restructuring Committee. In addition, she is active in UJA’s Westchester Region, serving on the planning committees for UJA’s recent Supplies for Success event as well as its upcoming UJA Dignity Project event.



“Lucy … has an ability to assess the situation critically and react with speed and confidence, dispatching the right advice in a timely and effective manner.”