Ms. Maegan Hurley

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Ms. Maegan Hurley

Massachusetts Debt Relief Foundation, Inc., Boston, MA

MAEGAN is a founding director of the nonprofit, which exclusively represents low-income individuals in chapter 7 bankruptcy pro bono. As the managing director, she oversees the organization’s complete caseload, and plans and runs all board meetings as board secretary. The organization has filed over 210 cases and, through the end of 2017, has helped to discharge an estimated $5,985,885 in consumer debt. All clients are at or below 150-200% of the poverty line.Additionally, Maegan works part-time for a private law practice, Ravosa Law Offices, P.C., where she represents clients in chapter 7 and chapter 13, as well as in adversary proceedings. She regularly reviews the work product of others to ensure that petitions, plans, motions and other pleadings are prepared properly, and she enjoys teaching others the technical details of bankruptcy.Maegan is passionate about utilizing the law to help lift others out of poverty. Although she had originally intended to pursue legislative work in order to help others by shaping the laws, this changed when she experienced the attorney/client relationship as a student attorney. While at Suffolk University Law School, she ran a foreclosure task force for two years, called No One Leaves, in which she recruited and managed students who canvassed houses at risk of foreclosure to provide resources to owners and tenants so that they were aware of their legal rights. She also worked closely with the Chelsea Collaborative, where tenants and homeowners could attend seminars on foreclosure and eviction law.



Maegan has made it possible for her clients to come home to a warm apartment, where the electricity works, and they can enjoy a hot meal with their family, free from the anxiety of an uncertain financial future.